Back2BackRack™ is a clinical device designed to treat the causes, and hence the symptoms, of chronic back (and neck) pain. It is based on sound medical science and will successfully treat most forms of back pain.

The device was carefully designed by Mr B.M. Luklinski a world-leading expert in orthopaedic spinal rehabilitation, with 40 years of clinical experience and is based squarely on proven methods of orthopaedic medicine. Mr Luklinski offers consultations and treatment at his Harley Street Back Pain Clinic in London, UK.

The Back Rack™ device is strongly recommended as an alternative to high-risk spinal surgery which is often offered by medical services to treat conditions that can in fact be successfully treated with orthopaedic mobilisation and care.back6

Spinal surgery is often experimental and has a very high rate of post-operative complications and long-term damage, often tragically leaving the sufferer in a far worse condition than before surgery – indeed such damage by nature of the physical intervention and surgical techniques is usually irreversible, unlike the original condition.

We strongly urge anyone who is being offered surgery to try the Back Rack™ device BEFORE risking surgery or to contact the Luklinski Spine Clinic for further background information.

The BackRack itself is constructed from high-quality wood. It consists of a number of lateral spindles, each of which carries two nodules. When viewed together, the nodules effectively lie on either side of a central channel:


Up to 99.5% of all back pain is either caused by, or directly linked to, compression, the term used to describe the spine when it becomes squashed shortened from its natural length. If we can decompress the spine as the BackRack™ does we can treat the causes, and hence the symptoms, of back pain.


I recently bought a back rack from you and I felt I must write to say how fantastic it is!! I have used it every day without fail (I even take it on holiday with me!) for 15 minutes and the difference is amazing. I am a good centimetre taller and there are now times when I am completely pain free. I shall continue using it every day! I have also recommended it to various friends who have back problems. Once again, very many thanks.

Mr. Richard Errington

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